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Just Herb

Just Herb brand products: Herb teas and fruit teas: high quality herb teas and fruits imported from Germany. Natural healing therapy: based on all natural ingredients including essential oils, we establish a whole series of healing balms and gels. Aromatherapy: work with IFPA professional aromatherapist, we establish a collection including pure essential oils, blend oils and massage oils to heal our body and mind.

House of Rose

House of Rose is the leading brand of natural skin care in Japan. It was established in 1978 in Tokyo Aoyama. There are around 400 shops all over Japan now.
Products of House of Rose are made from natural ingredients such as flowers, stems and roots of plants, as well as milk and honey.
House of Rose wish everyone would possess the nautral beauty by regulating natural rhyme of our skin and show the glowness of the skin.
Based on the fundamental principle of using fewer fragrances, colorings, or mineral oils, our smooth skin generation system is popular with customer of all ages.

Collines de Provence

Located in the heart of the Luberon, in an environment preserved, nestled between the Alps and Provence, Collines de Provence continues its development for more than 15 years. This unique, omnipresent nature, we inspire and put all our resources in the creation and the manufacture of environmentally friendly products of the soil. The plant and its fair use is a culture, a line of force that guides each of our decisions. Our ranges of products combining originality of concepts in a purified style, nobility of the materials and scents of quality.

Panier des Sens

Panier des Sens products are of Southern French origin. Inspired by Mediterranean ingredients and expertise, our skin care line is formulated with natural, simple and authentic active substances and ingredients. By combining research and nature, we use the best that Provence has to offer to develop products with a soft texture and elegant fragrances.


Since 1996, Magnet has established itself as a professional herbal tea maker. From the science of material processing to the novelty of product developing, Magnet has always been working better products and services to meet all sorts of market needs, and greater customer Satisfaction.


Aromafloria began in 1985, founded on the rich heritage of aromatherapy as a means of achieving wellness. Ancient cultures placed great emphasis on the healing properties of aromatic oils. As one of the modern pioneers of holistic aromatherapy, we continue to embrace and evolve this ancient art. This "complementary and alternative" therapy has been a way of life for Aromafloria, not just a lifestyle trend.

Ulster Weavers 

Ulster Weavers Ltd. is a home textiles company based in Northern Ireland. Relying on over 125 years of knowledge in textile production, We produce high quality products alongside excellent customer service. In 1995 Ulster Weavers was awarded a Royal Warrant as suppliers of kitchen textiles to Queen Elizabeth II, a mark of excellence which is only bestowed upon companies who have been providing goods or services to the Royal Household for more than five years. Today the company remains a valued family business with a worldwide reach.