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History of Just Herb

The first “Just Herb” was established in Taipei city, early Autumn 2000. 
Bearing with a simple thought in mind, we call it “Just Herb”, where we provide products made of herbs. 

In “Just Herb”, herbs are rooted in various products: herb teas, essential oil, body care, skin care, and home decorations. Through “Just Herb”, people who live in the city can also enjoy the natural and healthy lifestyle like living in the herbal field.

Through tea-infusion, aromatherapy or herbal caring products, the energy and the beauty from the natural plants can always touch our heart and soul, inspire our wisdom to explore the nature of our lives.

Just Herb, who persist the love of herbs, constantly searches for the qualified products and devoted herself in establishing the true feelings between human beings, would like to invite you to join us and support our pure and simple company culture.